Fill out the Landowner’s Impact Form to help protect your property.

button1The FERC (Federal Energy Regulatory Agency) has the final say on whether to permit the pipeline, so the more they know about problems with this proposed route, the better. We want to make sure they know about your water sources and uses, how you use your land, cultural or historical features, visual impact, endangered species, and health and safety issues.

How this information will be used: 

Indian Creek Watershed Association (ICWA) will create two reports from the information that you submit on the landowner impact form:

  1. A report about your individual property. One copy will go to you, and one copy will be included as part of a packet of landowner reports to FERC.
  2. A summary report that will not identify your individual information. It would contain, for example, the number of springs or historical structures in areas of the county. This summary will be added to summary information from other areas of the county so that we can show how the pipeline might impact Monroe County as a whole.

How to fill out the Landowner’s Impact Form:

1. Agree to give permission to Indian Creek Watershed Association to use this information to help you protect your property from the pipeline.

  • The first two permission statements are needed so that Indian Creek Watershed Association (ICWA) can help you make sure that the FERC considers your property information: (1) Permission for ICWA to share the information with FERC as an individual landowner report, (2) Permission for ICWA to share summary data (with no identifiable personal information) for the purpose of protecting important aspects of Monroe County.
  • The third permission statement is optional, and included especially if you have denied survey access to MVP. It says you would be willing to consider permitting the FERC to conduct a survey of your property to look at environmental issues you have raised.

2. Fill out the Landowner Impact Form. The more complete the information, the more chance of our success in keeping the pipeline out of our county.

3. Print (Optional). You may want to print a copy of the report before you hit the SUBMIT button at the end. You will receive a complete copy of your information report from Indian Creek Watershed Association, but if you want to save a copy now, you can. (Don’t worry if your printed copy does not show the full text of comments you wrote. The information is saved and you will see it when you receive the final report.)

4. Hit SUBMIT!

Indian Creek Watershed Association will be in touch with you about your report.


FAQs and Tips:

  • Can I complete the form over several sessions, or do I need to fill it in and submit it all at once? You will need to complete the form in one session.
  • Tip: When you first open the form, print it out or look through it to see if there is information you want to check on and gather before starting the form. You can also get a printed booklet version to use as a guide, but still enter the information online. To ask for a copy, e-mail
  • How much time will it take? The time will vary, but you can expect to spend about 20-30 minutes.
  • Do I have to answer every question? No. Except for fields that are marked “required” you do not need to answer questions that do not apply to you, or that you prefer not to answer.



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