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FERC Releases Draft Environmental Impact Statement!

On September 16 the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) released the much anticipated Draft Environmental Impact Statement (DEIS). The comment period for both the FERC and the Forest Service ends on DECEMBER 22, 2016.


The FERC and the U.S. Forest Service need to hear from you!

  • Comment to the Forest Service about MVP plans to cross the Jefferson National Forest and Appalachian Trail. Respond to the proposal to create a 500-ft “Utility Corridor” across Peters Mountain.
  • Comment to the FERC about the inadequacies of the DEIS. Call for a Revised DEIS with a new public comment period.

Download copies of Draft Environmental Impact Statement (DEIS)

Reports and ICWA Submittals to the FERC

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Announcing: ICWA’s Interactive Environmental Map


Click here to view the Mountain Valley Pipeline route and its potential environmental impacts

Click here to learn more about the Interactive Environmental Map

We welcome your help to defend West Virginia’s precious water resources!

FERC Comment Index Project

Please help compile data about key informational comments that have been submitted to the FERC by individuals, groups, and agencies. This information will be shared for use in preparing comments on the DEIS and other state and federal permit applications.
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Here are two ways to support future development of the Interactive Environmental Mapping Project:

  • Send a check: Please make your check payable to Indian Creek Watershed Association or ICWA, and indicate “Environmental Map Project” on the check. Mail to: Indian Creek Watershed Association, P.O. Box 711, Union, WV 24983.
  • Donate on-line:

ICWA is a 501c3 non-profit organization. Contributions are tax-deductible.

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