How to Comment to the US Forest Service–Jefferson National Forest

Information about commenting to the U.S. Forest Service about crossing the Jefferson National Forest

Ideas for comments on issues that were not adequately addressed within the DEIS

  • The DEIS was based on incomplete, inaccurate and misleading information. FERC needs to issue a Revised DEIS with a new public comment period before the Final EIS comes out. See sample comments.
  • From WV Rivers Coalition (pdf) – issues about river and wetland crossings, drinking water resources, aquatic resources, geology, soils.
  • Talking Points for Public Comments (pdf) about no demonstrated need for the pipeline, lack of critical environmental information, failure to assess cumulative life cycle climate impacts, and failure to consider impacts of induced fracking.
  • We will be posting sample comments here in the future.

Do you need help getting started? Click here to see a skeleton model for a letter to the FERC that you can use to write a comment for the DEIS.

A few frequently asked questions:

How do I send my comment to the FERC?  Submit to the FERC by using eComment, eFiling, or by US Mail.

Should I send my comment to anyone else? Please be sure to send a copy to the US EPA. Depending on the nature of your comment, consider sending a copy to one or more of the agencies on the attached contact list.

Do I have to be an intervenor to comment? You can comment whether you are an intervenor or not.

What if I am an intervenor? If you have registered as an intervenor remember that you are required to send a copy of your comment to each email address listed on the service list for Mountain Valley Pipeline (FERC Docket CP 16-10). To obtain the service list, access, click on “eService” and follow instructions.

Do I need to resubmit comments I sent in during the pre-filing process? If you submitted a comment during the pre-filing process (prior to 10/23/2015 on FERC Docket PF 15-3) and you believe that comment is relevant to the DEIS but the FERC ignored it, you should refile that comment to FERC Docket CP16-10 so that it will be included as part of the record.

Send a Comment to the U.S. Forest Service about the Mountain Valley Pipeline

WHY? … Our region is getting set up as a Mega-Gas Pipeline sacrifice zone.

The Proposed Amendments to the Management Plan for the Jefferson National Forest will degrade the ecosystem integrity, sustainability, and biodiversity of the Jefferson National Forest, and thereby diminish the multitude of environmental services (particularly intact forest and associated erosion protection, clean water, clean air, and economically critical outdoor recreation opportunities) that the National Forest currently provides.

The FERC DEIS notice describes Land and Resource Management Plan (LRMP) “amendments” being considered by the Forest Service with regard to the proposed MVP route:

  • Amendment 1 would create a 500-foot “Designated Utility Corridor” that could be used to locate gas, electricity or water transmission lines in the future. This corner of West Virginia would become THE target zone for other massive pipeline projects!
  • Amendment 2 would grant waivers from current National Forest standards on soil conditions and riparian corridors
  • Amendment 3 would allow logging of old growth forest habitat currently maintained in a special forest management prescription.
  • Amendment 4 would authorize a destructive crossing of the historic Appalachian Scenic Trail, permanently changing the scenic quality from High to Moderate.

The FS has invited public comments on these amendments. The Forest Service needs to hear NOW from the public on:

  • Why the MVP should not be allowed to cross Forest Service Lands along Peters Mountain.
  • Why the proposed amendments to its LRMP are not acceptable.

Who / When / How to comment?

Everyone!   The U.S. Forests belong to the American public. We are all affected by these decisions.

Now!   Send comments about the Forest Service crossing and amendments as soon as possible, so that your comment is included in the Forest Service’s decision. (All comments must be submitted to the FERC before December 22.)


IMPORTANT: You must also send your letter to the FERC for it to be considered!

Set up your letter so it goes to both the Forest Service and the FERC.

(Create one letter; send it to all three recipients below.)

RE:  Objections to crossing of U.S. Forest Service Lands by Mountain Valley Pipeline
Docket CP16-10-000

Address information – Send your letter or comment to BOTH the Forest Service and to FERC

1) U.S. Forest Service George Washington and Jefferson National Forest
Send your comment by email or mail to:

Mr. Joby Timm
Forest Supervisor
George Washington and Jefferson National Forests
5162 Valleypointe Parkway
Roanoke, Virginia 24019

Ms. Jennifer Adams
Special Project Coordinator
George Washington and Jefferson National Forests
5162 Valleypointe Parkway
Roanoke, Virginia 24019

2) The FERC – Submit your comment online or by mail.

Online: To submit a comment to FERC online:

1. Go to and click on “e-Comment.”
2. Fill in the information field and look for an e-mail from FERC.
3. Click on the link in that email and enter the docket number for the pipeline you wish to comment on: Mountain Valley Pipeline CP 16-10-000 (or CP 16-10)
4. You may also click “e-Subscribe” to receive alerts and the content of other comments.

By Mail: Address a hand-written or typed comment to:

Ms. Kimberly Bose, Secretary
Federal Energy Regulatory Commission
888 First Street NE, Room 1A
Washington, D.C. 20426#send-comment