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An Expert Report on Geologic Hazards in the Karst Regions of Virginia and West Virginia, Investigation and Analysis Concerning the Proposed Mountain Valley Pipeline, by Dr. Ernst Kastning (5mb pdf file),

“About 25% of the US and the planet’s land surface is karst. Karst areas are the world’s most diverse, fascinating, resource-rich, yet problematic terrains. They contain the largest springs and most productive groundwater supplies on Earth. They provide unique subsurface habitat to rare animals, and their caves preserve fragile prehistoric material for millennia. They are also the landscapes most vulnerable to environmental impacts. Their groundwater is the most easily depleted and polluted.”

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What is Karst?  ICWA has been drawing attention to karst in Monroe County since 2012. Click here for ICWA’s “Year of the Karst”  Information Printable PDF

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Click here to view a presentation by Ba Rea about Monroe County Karst which includes maps and descriptions of Monroe County karst. (Although information is included about Gordy Oil’s exploration of fracking in 2016, Gordy did not pursue fracking operations in Monroe County.)