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Resources for Pipeline Information and Action

Quick Info and How You Can Help

Background Information on Proposed Pipeline Through Monroe County – printable PDF file

Pipeline Facts from the Mid-Atlantic Responsible Energy Project (MARE)

Why We Say “No Pipeline” – Why Monroe County Landowners are Saying “No” – printable PDF file

What You Can DoSuggestions for how you can spread the word and be heard

FERC: What It Is. Why (and how) to send comments

Contact the County Commission and Government Officials

Display “No Pipeline” Signsprintable sign (8½” x 11″ paper)

Display “No Survey” Signs – printable sign (8½” x 11″ paper) or order ahead from PostNet ( for laminated copy ($1.78 including tax)

More Background Information

Pipeline Impacts – printable PDF file

MYTH vs. FACT about the proposed interstate gas pipelines through Monroe County

Copies of 5 posters for you to print and share with your friends and neighbors (Preserve Monroe posters that have been reduced to print in PDF on letter size paper):


poster 1poster 2

 “An Interstate Natural Gas [Pipeline or other] Facility on My Land? What Do I Need to Know?” A FERC (Federal Energy Regulatory Commission) brochure.

Landowner Rights (From WVSORO, the West Virginia Surface Owner Rights Organization)

Fact Sheets From BREDL – Blue Ridge Environmental Defense League

Information Provided by EQT/NextEra (the Corporation that is Proposing to Build the Mountain Valley Pipeline Project):

EQT Mountain Valley Pipeline “Economic Benefits” Report, 12-10-14, and comments by Dr. Stephen Miller, 12-11-14

Detailed Mountain Valley Pipeline Draft Resource Report, 12-1-14

What Your Neighbors and Officials Are Saying (selected documents)

WV Voter, letter to the editor (The Monroe Watchman, 1-8-15)

Michael Biggs, letter to the editor (The Monroe Watchman, 12-25-14)

Dana O. Olson, M.D., letter to the editor (The Monroe Watchman, 12-25-14)

Mark Blumenstein, letter to the editor (The Monroe Watchman, 12-18-14)

Dr. Stephen Miller, letter to the editor (The Monroe Watchman, 12-18-14)

Dana O. Olson, M.D., letter to the editor (The Monroe Watchman, 12-18-14)

Red Sulphur Public Service District statement to the Monroe County Commission, 12-3-14

Dr. Stephen Miller’s letter to the editor (Monroe Watchman, 11-20-2014)

Selected Comments to the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission

 Letter to FERC by Paul E. Washburn – examines statements by MVP and challenges the necessity of this proposed pipeline.

Links to Organizations:

Organizations -Groups working to educate people about the pipelines

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