Comment Resources Zenith #30

This is Aviagen’s second attempt to receive a permit required to operate at Site #30. While Aviagen has been forced to make changes to its application, the geology and threats to the water at Site #30 remain the same as they were last year.


Link to view Aviagen’s Permit Application materials

Click the following links to see some of the comments submitted by Monroe County residents and ICWA during the previous comment periods

Timeline of Site #30 permit activity and ICWA comments

Resources from the Socially Responsible Agriculture Project (SRAP):

  • West Virginia CAFO Guide — SRAP’s CAFO Guides outline the laws and regulations that apply to industrial livestock operations in each state. [SRAP] created the guides to help impacted communities protect themselves by navigating regulatory processes, engaging policymakers and regulators, and holding CAFOs accountable for noncompliance with state or federal laws.
  • Animal Operations and Residential Property Values by John A. Kilpatrick, PhD, MAI, published in The Appraisal Journal (Winter 2015).

The DEP comment period for the Zenith Site #30 permit is open until 5 p.m. on Friday, October 13, 2023. Comments can be submitted via email to or regular mail to:

ATTN: Rick Adams, Permitting
West Virginia Department of Environmental Protection
Division of Water and Waste Management
601 57th St. SE
Charleston, WV 25304-2345
Phone: 304-926-0499
Comments can also be submitted via email to

Comments should include: your name, address, and telephone number and a statement of the nature of the issues raised. You should reference Application No. WVR110985Aviagen Turkeys, Inc., Zenith Site #30. Comments submitted via mail must be received no later than Friday, October 6th.

For questions contact DEP at 304-926-0499.