FERC Decision Was Expected in September:

On June 23, 2017, the FERC issued a final environmental impact statement (EIS) for the Mountain Valley Project (MVP).

The FERC decision was not a surprise. The FERC routinely approve all gas pipelines, even though a project of this scale has never been attempted through the fragile and scenic karst of our mountains. Leading experts confirm that it will dramatically harm our water and soil resources as well as the Appalachian Trail (AT). And The FERC staff itself admitted that Impacts to the forest “may be long-term and significant.”

In September, the FERC Commission is expected to vote on whether to issue a certificate and what conditions and restrictions may be required. However, other factors, such as decisions required by the Forest Service and other federal and state agencies as well as pending legal challenges, could affect the timing of a FERC decision or whether there might be a stay of execution.

If you are on or near the proposed MVP route and concerned about the safety of your water, please see ICWA’s Water Testing Information here.