Maps of Original Pipeline Route (Proposed October 2014)

If you would like to submit a map and photos to accompany your report to the FERC:

  • Scroll down to find the map below that gives the best view of your property.
  • Put your cursor on the map and right click to view and print or download.
  • (Optional) Mark approximate location of key features (house, wells, springs, cemetery, etc.) with numbers on the map, and explain below.
  • (Optional) You can photograph key features of your property.
  • Mail your maps and photos to ICWA, PO Box 711, Union, WV 24983 or e-mail to

Original MVP Corridor Parcel Maps (October 2014)–The following detailed maps were created from the official maps provided by the MVP parcel maps. The map have been modified to highlight the proposed corridor and include local points of reference showing landmarks and roadways.  Thanks to Monroe County artist Jim Clewell for his work on this.



Detailed Monroe County Topographical MVP Maps:

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