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As the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) considers its environmental impact study of the proposed Mountain Valley Pipeline (MVP) routes, a county-wide effort is under way to help landowners to identify and protect their property, as well as the resources of Monroe County.

The Indian Creek Watershed Association (ICWA) is helping Monroe County landowners gather information to be used to help protect our environment and culture from the the threat of the Mountain Valley Pipeline (MVP).

This information on-line form is for everyone who wants to send in information to protect their property. No one really knows where the pipeline might cross our valley — the original path, alternate path or somewhere else.

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FERC Comment Index Project

Please help compile data about key informational comments that have been submitted to the FERC by individuals, groups, and agencies. This information is available for you to use in preparing comments on state and federal permit applications (email IndianCreekWater@gmail.com for access).
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ICWA submitted several filings at the FERC. For links to these files see here.

For comments by Save Monroe and the Border Conservancy see here.

For news about the FERC announcement and reactions, see here.

Second federal suit filed over Mountain Valley Pipeline, July 27, 2017 (Charleston Gazette-Mail)