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(From remarks by Dr. Stephen Miller at Preserve Monroe’s Public Meeting About Proposed Interstate Gas Pipelines Through Monroe County, January 8, 2015)

MYTH:    Since the pipeline does not go through my property, it will not affect me.

FACT:     Public water supply, wells and springs are all threatened. Roads will be damaged and adjacent properties will be devalued. A second pipeline is also planned to go through Monroe County. Its exact route is not known at this time.

MYTH:    The gas pipeline will ultimately be for the good of the public.

FACT:     There is a natural gas surplus in the US. Gas transported by this line is to be exported to other countries and will benefit only the gas company.

MYTH:    The pipeline project will produce many permanent, high-paying jobs for our residents.

FACT:     The construction of Columbia Gas’ recent Celanese pipeline project was contracted to an Ohio-based company that brought its own employees. Any jobs that are produced will likely be temporary.

MYTH:    The pipeline will provide natural gas to Monroe County.

FACT:     EQT Corp has indicated that this pipeline is a transport line only and will not supply natural gas to local business and residents.

MYTH:    You will get rich if the pipeline goes through your property

FACT:     You are entitled to compensation, but you will not get rich. In fact, you will likely have difficulty getting any payment close to the real value of your property.

MYTH:    Your property taxes will go down because the pipeline company will have to pay their fair share on their right-of-way.

FACT:     EQT Corp. will not pay property taxes. The landowner continues to pay all property tax. In addition, the tax department does not lower the value of your property. Thus, you will continue to pay the same amount of property tax.

MYTH:    The pipeline will not cause your property to lose its value.

FACT:     Realtors confirm that properties lose marketable value and are difficult to sell.

MYTH:    Pipelines such as this are 100% safe, they never explode.

FACT:     Hundreds of gas pipelines leak and explode every year in the US. The blast radius of this size pipeline is not clearly known. Estimates have ranged from 600 feet to slightly over one mile.

MYTH:    EQT Corporation has public safety in mind.

FACT:     This proposed route is within one mile of James Monroe High School.

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