Preserve Monroe – Landowners on MVP route

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For Monroe County Landowners on Alternate or Original MVP Route

MVP is sending out certified letters to landowners who have not granted permission for surveys–threatening “likely legal action” if landowners do not respond to them by a certain date.

Preserve Monroe suggests that landowners who have received a letter from MVP threatening legal action contact an attorney—either their own lawyer, or another attorney such as Appalachian Mountain Advocates to discuss their options. “If a landowner is sued by a pipeline company for access to their private property to survey, we will represent them for free,” stated attorney Joe Lovett of Appalachian Mountain Advocates. Joe Lovett or Isak Howell are available to talk with landowners: 304-645-9006.

The following example letter was prepared by lawyers at Appalachian Mountain Advocates on behalf of landowners on the MVP pipeline route [NOTE: Neither Preserve Monroe nor Appalachian Mountain Advocates recommend that this letter — or any version of it — should be sent by an individual landowner on his or her own behalf without legal representation.]Click to read example letter

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Elise Keaton, Outreach and Education Coordinator for the Greenbrier Watershed Association, explained that people who have received these certified letters basically have three options:

  1. Let them on to survey
  2. Let deadline to act pass and possibly get sued.
  3. Pursue legal options against MVP.

If you have questions, please feel free to contact Preserve Monroe:

Phone: 304-832-6038

Greenbrier River Watershed Association Outreach and Education Coordinator serving Monroe County:

Elise Keaton

For further information contact Appalachian Mountain Advocates attorneys:

Joe Lovett

Isak Howell

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