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The MVP and Appalachian Connector are BIG Pipes and a BIG Deal . . . But NOT a DONE Deal

What Can You Do? — “Spread the Word and Be Heard”

These suggestions were distributed at the Public Meeting on the Proposed Interstate Pipelines held at James Monroe High School on January 8, 2015.

1) Landowners – Post your land. Do not allow Pipeline Surveying: If you already said yes, you can change your mind. Notify Coates and MVP by registered mail. For questions, contact Elise Keaton at elise@greenbrier.org or 304-647-4792. Post your land with “NO PIPELINE SURVEYING” signs available through PostNet in Lewisburg. (See samples, or print your own from www.PreserveMonroe.org)

2) Everyone – Attend the EQT “Open House” on Tuesday, Jan. 13, 5:30-8:00 pm, at the Lindside Methodist Church Community Center. This is the company’s official information fair. There will also be representatives from FERC. Ask questions and share your concerns. Watch for future meetings, too.

3) Send a comment to FERC: The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission are the “judges” who have the final decision on whether or not this pipeline is permitted to go ahead. Sending a comment is how you vote and plead your case. The Mountain Valley Pipeline docket # is PF15-3. You can post a comment online, or mail one directly. Please sign tonight’s letter, which will also be sent WV officials. But an original letter or comment counts for much more! (See our handout about Comment to FERC.)

4) Spread the word: Share your knowledge with family, friends, neighbors and other Monroe Countians. Strike up conversations with people you meet. Put up “No Pipeline” signs – in your yard, car, home, business; show your neighbors where you stand. It will give others the courage to join the fight. (Use home-made signs, or ones available through www.PreserveMonroe.org)

5) Call or write our government reps: Share your concerns with everyone, from County Commissioners to WV delegates and Governor Tomblin, to our U.S. senators and House representatives. Be sure to let them know you’re a registered voter. (See our Contact Information: County, State, Federal Officials.)

6) Stay connected and never give up: Preserve Monroe is an informal coalition of individuals, businesses and groups working together on this issue. Check out resources on the PreserveMonroe.org website and stay connected through Facebook. Save Monroe is a unit of the coalition that holds meetings in the Peterstown area. We invite you to get involved!


Printable PDF Copy

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